Professional Comedian | Published Author | Disappointing Lover | Motivational Speaker | Executive Coach | Oxford MBA Graduate | Web: | Free newsletter: | Connect: | You might know me for my work as a stand-up comedian, by my universe is one where comedy is a subset, and the worlds of creativity, communication and business intersect. I enjoy speaking with clients and creating bespoke solutions for the things that keep them up at night. So whether I'm wearing the hat of an executive coach, strategic advisor, corporate trainer and CXO mentor, or the hat of a comedian, interviewer, moderator, host, business storyteller, content creator and strategist, I'd love to have a conversation with you to understand how best I can make your life better. In many cases, it might just be helping get you in the right room with the right person from my extensive global network. So get in touch and let's have a coffee together - in person or virtually.


Papa CJ

Professional comedian. Published author. Disappointing lover. Oxford MBA. Executive coach. Website: Newsletter: